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We are looking for Several Independent Sales Representatives to Work Full-time or Part-time in the Energy Industry. Whether you're just a Beginner or a Seasoned Pro with a book of business, we can help you maximize your potential to make as much money as you can with Electricity and Gas for Business in ALL Deregulated States. We offer the lowest Energy rates from All suppliers.

Power Company Affiliate Program

Energy Broker Affiliate Program

The position is a commission based sales job with the opportunity to make BIG MONEY in the Energy Business to include Electricity and Gas for Business and Residential.

We offer 3 programs for Affiliates, 1 sign up form.
1. Electric and Gas | 2. Green Energy | 3. Utility Refund Audit


Work in the Energy Industry

Energy Brokers save people money on electricity and gas for home and business. "We can lower your current electric bill and save you money without any costs or fees". Energy Brokers get paid to educate and save people money with electric and natural gas.

Energy Broker Jobs

How to become an energy broker | commercial energy brokers

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America's Top Business Giants,

Teach Lessons on Energy Deregulation.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is asked, "What Industry will produce the next Billionaire like himself."

Bill Gates Says, "Energy Deregulation is the next business to make millions."

What Industry Will Produce the Next Bill Gates.. Listen to Bill Gates Answer.


Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet on the future of the energy industry

"The Deregulation of Energy will be the greatest transference of Wealth in US History." Warren Buffet


Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs on alternative energy

Steve Jobs on alternative energy

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